Monday, June 2, 2008

She Said Wha??!!$%&&+!!

Okay, if you smoke, go get a cigarette. If you like Martinellis Sparkling Apple Cider, get yourself a glass of that. And just make sure you're sitting down when you read this, although who actually stands up to read on their computer? Do they even make a computer stand?

But I ramble from the main point.

As you know, the last few weeks have been rather brutal. And that is not an exaggeration. I was in pain. Major Pain. (Which was an awful movie with Damon Wayans I believe, but I didn't see it so what do I know?) Anyway, I was trying to manage the pain because I just felt like shit and horrible shit at that. Can't even describe it. In my chestal area I would say, or Woody Allen would say also in some movie. And, of course, I'd been doing tough chemo which didn't help. So last Wednesday I had a scan, a couple of scans actually. A PET scan (and no I did not bring my dog with me) and a CT scan. Well, Dr. Shaum called last night and left me a message. And for a doctor who deals with these things everday, I must say she sounded slightly breathless. Seems like my scan was somewhat miraculous. Yes, I'm a bit over the top but why not. Although even the radiologist could not believe that I had not had radiation or another operation because the mass, the tumor, was pretty much gone, invisible, as was the second mass. And the two scans plus blood work confirmed this...One after the other. Only a small amount of cancer still existed in a lymph node but the chemo had worked so well that I imagine a couple more zaps and we can get rid of that little bugger. I am assuming that I had a pretty good sized MASS in a tough area and that is why they were so pleased and amazed that it was gone in a relatively short amount of chemo time. (Now remember, I did chemo before and the cancer grew back so even though I am jumping for joy in my skin I hold a little hop in reserve just in case.)

And as for the pain, it seems I have something called gastritius in the lining of my stomach. That can cause infection and vomiting and, of course, pain. I had an endosocopy today where they put a tube down your throat with a camera on the end and check you out from the outside in so I'll get the results of what she saw later in the week. But the bottom line is (love that phrase...bottom line...and by the way remind me to tell you something about my bottom.)...the bottom line is the pain is not from cancer. Gastritious or something like that but NOT CANCER.

Okay, take a puff or a drink and let's all breath for a second..............................


So now I wait for results and what to do next and how many more chemos and must get my wig and here...Here is the most amazing thing of all. I may live the rest of my life, ..................I may live the rest of my life as a size FOUR!

And they called me chubby when I was twelve!

After my test today, when I was still on the slight bit of anesthesia that stays with you after a test, I went with Karen to the bank. And there was a shop next door that sold jeans and since I don't have any that fit me anymore I said we should stop in. So we did and I tried on a pair and since I have no bottom right now I actually fit into a size........Are you ready for this........A size TWO. I never even knew there WAS such a size. So I bought them. The Nurse had told me not to make any important decisions today since I was still on the drug all day but I thought buying a size two was not that important of a decision. Now I'm hoping that within the next year I can beef up to a size four because I liked my bottom and I would like to look like a woman and not a twelve year old...From the back...I do not kid myself about looking like a twelve year old from the front....

So that's my news. Must lie down...In my jeans...

This is not the end. Actually, this may be the beginning.....................................


JS said...

Amazingly wonderful news Trish!
Sorry about the pain and all but the results are there for all to see.

Big Love,

Annette Cecilie said...

You don't know me, and I don't know you. But I read your blog, and your news (about the cancer, not your pain) absolutely MADE MY DAY. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I'm truly grateful for your good news and hope a hot-dog is in your near future.

gary said...

"It's About TIME!!"

Betcha don't care about that over sized clock right now...

Much love,

Lyla said...

Oh, happy day, Trish! Such wonderful news...size two! I'm joking - of course I mean your medical results. Put your wig on and celebrate - even if you just dance around in your house! Much needed good news on a gorgeous day...XO

leslie said...

Trish....what fabulous news! I know everyone who is following your blog is truly ecstatic for you! Brava!!! Keep on truckin', or whatever. Kissed and hugs to you.

Leslie (the Agawakian)

Girl About Town said...

I lurk here a lot and don't comment much...but this time just had to post and say how very happy I was to hear your news. Big smiles!!! :)

nancyr said...

nevermind that it's 8:57 a.m. -- this calls for a shot of tequilla!! down the hatch and lots of love and big hugs from bmore!

Anonymous said...

Oh Trish! How wonderful... all our prayers for you have paid off!

I am so very happy for you. I'm sure the results from your scope today will be treatable too - probably Nexium or something like it. That's what I take along with some other crap for the gastritus.

Oh Happy DAY!!!!!! And you only bought a pair of jeans. Damn girl, I'd be out SHOPPING big time! The hell with online shopping - go to the stores.

So I guess that clock you got mail order might double as a nice gift for someone? Beats going to the trouble and expense of mailing it back.

I am going to keep you in my prayers for continuing good results. Here's hoping REAL FOOD is in your future real soon.

I'm so happy for you! Anne

Zombie Mom said...

Officially, delurking here!! Hooray!!! not about your pain, but about your cancer, and of course, the size twos!

I see many happy flirtations with your hotdog man in your future.

mudbird said...

We are all overjoyed at your great news:):):):).
And size 2---da-ammnn!!! Hey, we saw a famous aging babe movie star at J's graduation Sunday and she was slim & foxy in a short black sleeveless dress that was at least a size 4. You're a 2--wow!!! I see thimble sized martinis and a short black cocktail dress in your future :).
Glad you're on the planet spinning with us,

CHERIBEE said...

What good news, those ten days you were missing had me a little scared.Hopefully, they will get the gastritis thing worked out and you'll be able to put on a few pounds inn all the right places. Back in the day, I always envied your fabuilous body. But, now a size 2 and working towards a 4, I was a toddler the last time I saw those numbers. Be well.

mernitman said...

what fantastic news!
so glad to hear this, ms. trish.
xx b.

Sister Mary Martha said...

I am so happy for you. So are Nate, Gabe and Jeff, Victor and Charlie.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

GREAT NEWS, Trish! I know this must be a great relief, my dear, though you felt sure the pain was not from is fantastic to have it confirmed! I am so happy for you, my dear.....!
Not happy about that Gastitioud thingy, but, that is manageable, yes?
A size 2??? I heard that there is a size "0"! It is ALL Amazing, my dear...!
Congratulations on this wonderful news! (((((HUGS)))))

Barbara said...

I'm so relieved and happy for you. This is wonderful news! Love, Barbara

nora said...

Yippee, wooo hooo and any other amazing shouts of joy that I can think of.
I am so happy for you. I can't wait 'til they fix the stomach thing and you can have a hot dog.