Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Okay, I don't want to run out the front door and scream for joy just yet because I am sure that it would immediately start to rain with much thunder and lightening and a branch would pop off a tree and fall directly onto my head and I would be skewered instantly...


I did wake up yesterday morning feeling pretty damn.........GOOD. Yes...G...O...O...D. And positive and almost, dare I say it, euphoric. Now I know that is actually a very bad sign because how good can one actually feel on the first day of a new year when we all know that that day is really just like the day before and the day before that but in our heads we hold that day up as a new beginning and we make resolutions (which I have never done for new years because it seems that I make resolutions every day like "I promise to wash my face every night even if I'm tired" and we know that is never going to happen and I am going to go to bed with a dirty face almost every night of the week) but still it's THE NEW YEAR and we tell ourselves that everything is going to be just fine (if things were bad in the first place which, if you've read this blog, you know THEY WERE!) but then I wake up on January first and by golly (always wanted to say that) I FELT GOOD. I felt like maybe I was going to get a break...For a few days. So I'm going with the good for right now and I am not going to name this year because I've got to feel it out first but I do know this...

THE YEAR OF THE SHIT IS OVER. Hoorahhoorah! And I am hoping, oh Lord am I hoping, that this will not turn out to be The Year of the Crap because I am not sure I would make it to Spring nor would I want to. So good it shall be for as long as it lasts.

And the best...The very bestest thing happened today, on the second of January. While I was having my vitamin drip I talked to a beautiful girl named Natalie who was born in Mexico and is of Middle Eastern decent and lives in France and sings and is just here for the vitamins drips because she's not feeling very well and is weak and the time flew and we dripped and then I walked out the door and there was...

CEDRIC THE HOT DOG MAN. I was so excited I practically skipped to his cart and his back was to me and I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around and gave me a huge smile and said he was so glad to see me. AND...He told me he liked my outfit!! Oh my gosh, it isn't even an outfit it's a sweater and jeans and it's only the second day of January and I got a compliment from Cedric my idol. I am sure I am going to be hit by a car at any moment now because life should not be this good. A compliment! I am not an animal! (A reference, by the way, for those too young to have seen it, to a great David Lynch film, Elephant Man.) Anyway, learned more about Cedric...He was in the Navy and this truly handsome guy is 42 which is much closer to my age than I had imagined but still too young for me but the best part is he is going to try and have regular hours. So, those of you who live in LA listen up. Cedric and his truck will be there Tuesdays through Saturday from around 11 to 4. He will be in front of Best Buy on Olympic and Corinth in West LA just east of Santa Monica. He told me he went to a Veterans New Years Eve party and it sounded like he went alone so for all you thirty/forty something year old gals out there I would say RACE over to get that dog.

So, I am not crossing my fingers, I am not going to stop looking for lightening bolts or waiting for earthquakes but I am going to remember the first two days of 2008 with great fondness and I am going to try and hold on to that feeling and find it whenever I need it and I am also never ever going to change my "outfit" for the rest of the year.

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Roberta J. said...

1. Good to hear you sounding more upbeat.
2. Unless you want to get remarried, he's NOT too young! And he makes the hot dogs you love.
3. Happy New Year!!