Monday, January 21, 2008

I Have A Dream

Actually, I don't have a dream because I haven't been able to remember my dreams since high school but since it is Martin Luther King day I've been thinking about his speech and how you can hear it a million times and it never fails to send chills through your body and bring tears to your eyes. And even though the people in Louisiana and all the areas of poverty in our country are still getting screwed by an uncaring government, I think Mr. King would be thrilled to know that a Black Man AND a woman are running for President of the United States and one of them might actually win. Just how cool is that?

I did remember one dream I had just a few weeks ago. It was about an owl. I wonder what Jung would say about dreaming about owls.........Probably, "Who, who, who am I?"

The policeman who gave me the speeding ticket was not named Officer McCarthy. I just made that up but I looked up his name on the ticket and it's even better than McCarthy. It is Officer Rubbish!! No kidding. Can you imagine growing up with the name Rubbish? You'd have to carry a gun if your name was Rubbish. "Little Billy Rubbish, get back to your seat right now!" No wonder he didn't care if I was throwing up. The guys been tortured by his name his entire life and now he's getting back at the whole world by gleefully writing tickets. "I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Rubbish." No wonder he looked so angry. "Friends, family, today we say goodbye to Mr. Rubbish and turn him back into the soil from whence this Rubbish came..."

Oh, I could go on and on but in the end...I still have to pay the damn ticket.

A guy came and worked on my computer for three hours on Saturday. And it's acting up again today. He told me that computers aren't made to last more than five years or so. That can't be right, can it? I had the same typewriter for my whole writing life before computers. Pounded on that thing day and night and all I ever had to do was change the ribbon. (Do I sound a hundred years old now? Yes. That's because I'm closer to a hundred than I am to nineteen and I can see now why people my age have always said things like..."In my day we walked ten miles to blah blah blah...I cannot believe I am one of those people now but I guess it's better than NOT being one of those people...Or is it?) Anyway, I'm pissed that the computer guy was a nice guy and I don't want to report him to his company because he just got this job and just graduated from DeVry University and was in a car accident and was a marine and is married and has guns in his house that his wife is not happy about and has a knife the size of a hari kari sword and eats hamburgers a lot and...........See, this guy was here for a looooong time and something is still very wrong with my computer and I spent three hours feeding him potato chips and I have this perfectly good lap top that he tells me is almost obsolete. Hey, I wanted to say, I'M almost obsolete. So they took out my tummy to get some more mileage out of me and they said I'd be fine 'til I dropped and they can't do that with a computer?!! No, he said, I need a new model. A more updated model. And, of course I started thinking about that man who was formerly known as my husband and his updated model. Maybe she's only good for five years. Hey, I was good for twenty five. Can't snub a thumb at that.

Snub a thumb? Can you tell I'm missing an hour of sleep.

Hey, how about those Giants? I'm a Bear fan, of course, and I was sort of rooting for Green Bay but my father's name was Eli and I love that name so any team that has a quarterback named Eli I can't ignore.

I do not believe I will be able to write for the rest of the week. But maybe I will but I don't think I will so don't count on it or worry that I'm sick because I always sort of am...Sick, that is...But maybe I'll get better. Sort of better. Someday. Maybe a week from Tuesday. Now that would be a dream come true.................


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...Oh God, I have become one of those people too...."I can remember when....X....!" It is kind of frightening, but I have to agree with you about this computer stuff....And I think it is LESS than five years,'truth be told'...Don't you love that expression, Trish? I must say that almost every computer guy I have ever emcountered was kind of crazy...This guy sounds kind of crazy too...But I also find it doesn't mean they don't know what they are talking about! So, maybe you do need a New Computer....? On the other hand....OY!
Where is that old typewriter of yours?

Roberta J. said...

So buy a new computer. Enjoy the retail therapy. Buy a computer role-playing game too and be someone else when you don't feel like being you. Slay a dragon or two. Have some fun!

robert said...

I wanted to write too you. Our kids went to school in Baltimore. We have in our bathroom, off the extended kitchen, where Susan does her knitting(not in the bathroom)
a picture of Willie, our boy Philip, Pat G., who's mother Nancy R. put Susan in touch with this site, which I found as a favorite on this hand-me down laptop from our oldest, who's keyboard double and ttripplees letters-see? so don't complain tto me aboout Your computer....also in the picturee, yoour favorite name, Eli Tess-Hea.., Pat Siss... and Adam G. all playing golf. I always remember--what's the number to 911? We think of you and wish you the best. I haven't read much put I'll go back and catch up....Stay well.

Leslie said...

Hey Pooch. I was thinking out loud the other night as I was trying to fall asleep and was trying to remember what phrase you keep using when referring to your former spouse. I looked back and saw that it was "man who was formerly known as my husband" but I swear I kept thinking it was....that former man who was known as my husband. Perhaps it's a better description. Hope it makes you laugh a little.

colleen said...

Well I'm planning to go to my 40th high school class reunion this summer. I think the theme should be science fiction. Everything today seems to cost more to fix than it does to get a new one. The landfills are filling up with our plastic addiction. Ugh!