Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Resurrection of Who?

I wrote a blog yesterday and I pushed a button and poof...The blog disappeared into cyberspace, never to be seen again. I think that blog sucked anyway. I was having kind of a strange day. People seemed very edgy to me yesterday and the day before. Kind of like they wanted to yell and scream and choke me to death. And I bring my IV into my study now while I write so I can keep getting food and yesterday the IV suddenly looked like an alien to me and I felt like she was watching me write so I had to turn her around to face the wall and I think she got insulted and do you think I'm taking too many pain pills and I'm losing my mind? Actually, I'm taking less pills since I have this patch but I don't know. Poof. It was all gone and I thought I heard my IV chuckling so I just let the blog go and the two of us went into the living room and watched an episode of In Treatment. Ever seen that show? It's about upper middle class people in therapy who are very fucked up and you just want to slap them and say, "Get over yourself!" but the acting is terrific and Gabriel Bryne is very handsome and the best part about is...Those aren't MY problems. Thanks goodness for that.

One thing I remember writing about yesterday was Mr. Obama's speech. If you haven't heard or read it...Google it. It's pretty damn brilliant and so forward thinking and not stuck in a world that no longer exists. That's why I think that he's probably the right person for the job...Because he's a person of the future. He sees things very differently than people from an older generation. I don't know if he can get past his fiery, angry preacher but I think Mr. Obama would be very exciting to have as a President. How many times do we have to have those Middle East Peace Talks until we finally realize..."Hmmmm. This isn't working, is it?" Maybe we need a new approach to things. And I'm not sure but I don't think that approach should be blowing up the Middle East and starting all over again.

So I'm talking to a friend this morning and I asked if we could do something on Sunday and she said that there was this Resurrection she had to celebrate and I said like a moron..."Who's resurrection?" Okay, I admit that lately my life has been a pretty selfish one. Me me me. It's been all about me. I do forget other people's birthdays and I apologize. But to forget who's (or is that whose?) resurrection it is means I have to get out of myself and remember that there is a world going on outside of my house and that world does not concern me except for the fact that I am this little meat body walking around this small piece of planet trying to figure out what it's all about.

I am thinking that when I go bald I might have people sign my head...Like a cast. Or maybe I'll have an artist friend draw on some hair. Or maybe I'll glue some licorice twirls up there that look like bright red and black dreadlocks and then I'll always have something to munch on even when I'm stuck in traffic.

Or maybe I'll just wear a hat.

I miss human beings!! Right now, this part of the journey is just sitting in my house pumping food into my system so I no longer get my vitamin drip and I don't get to see Cedric and the crazy vitamin gang and I don't have to go to the grocery store because I can't eat by mouth right now so it's just me and this alien IV and my computer. And my dog, of course. But we all get along. Don't we gang? Don't we?

Wish me luck. I'm going to try and print out what I've written so I am now clicking on the button and here goes................................


Lyla said...

I've been writing to you, but I can't remember my password, and so after 10 minutes of different combinations (my kids'names together?), I give up. But not this time. And, I figured it out -finally! Ah, age. Anyway, I was missing you when you didn't post for a week and I'm glad to find you back, even if you're sending blogs into black holes. I wanted to say that I am addicted to In Treatment and a friend of mine who is a therapist made the observation that you can tell it's an Israeli tv show because all the patients are so combative! She said she's been doing this for twenty years and she's never had a patient be so in-your-face as any one of Gabriel's. Since I am married to an Israeli, I'm a little embarrassed that I didn't think of that. Anyway, I am glad to have you back and sounding so...combative. We all need a dose of that Israeli spirit, no? Now, I must go write down my password! Welcome back!

gary said...

All right...So it's been all about you. Why shouldn't it be? After all, it is your blog. You own the real estate. We are all just your invited and/or unexpected guests. On that note...By any chance, by any small world, one degree of separation, coincidence is "Lyla", in fact Lyla Oliver? Oliver would have been her maiden Name. Maiden??? What would Gloria Steinem say?
In the meantime...Be happy and be well.


Lyla said...

I am, indeed, Lyla Oliver. Gary?

gary said...

Lyla! Aside from Trish, our past connections lead back to Corey Pepper and Hallie Douglas. I would love to catch up with you to share our mutual linkage. (I believe our daughters even played together more than once.) My email is Hoping to hear from you soon...And Trish, I'm sure this is just what you wanted when you started your blog...To be an "Exchange" for old friends. Oh well, what can I say...You are a uniter...Just like Obama wants to be.

In the meantime...To all...Be well!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm absolutely hooked on In Treatment....And now I have gotten Betty hooked and I think Karen, too, and Garrett is on the way....LOL!
The actors are extrordinary! And I think the writing is too....! And I think the whole thing about the patients being soooo In Your Face, IS the Israeli connection, too....

A long time ago I worked on a "post" for my blog that I had slaved over for days! I got it finished and to this day I do not know what happened, except that BLOGGER ATE IT! OY! It sent me to my bed and to tears, too! So, I admire you getting right back on this Blog Horse, my dear....!

And, about Obama....I'm with you. He gives me hope---He truly does, And I don't give a shit about his Pastor....All that kind of stuff never stopped W and all the Fundementalists...He got elected and he cannot put a sentence together!!! (What is wrong with the people in our country??? OY!!)

I am so happy to be reading you Trish....Keep on keeping on, my dear....You are a 'wonder'!

Frank said...

What a relief to see you are still hanging in there! Maybe you could just post something like "Hi there" or "Maybe later" on the days blogging is not on your to-do list. I was injured once long ago and was not a happy camper. An ICU nurse told me the patients who were more likely to survive were the ones, like me, who were not happy, and were even combative. That is not my usual nature but, at the time, I was angry about going so suddenly from "I'm fine." to "I'm shot!" And, of course, the "Why me!" was front and center for awhile. The same nurse told me the answer was, "Why not me?" That was one time I didn't mind having a question answered with a question. Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Trish: So happy to see you blogging; it's always a pleasure to stop by here and find that you have updated.

And of course, that your sense of humor is still intact. Please know that when you have lulls in blogging, we are still thinking of you.

Take care, Anne

Scarlet said...

Well, I know you miss being out and about in "the real world," but for now you have us...and we're pretty real. ;)

gary said...


With all due respect, to many of you whom I have nothing but the utmost admiration, has anybody noticed that In Treatment is a soap opera? In Treatment is to psychotherapy what Hogan Heroes is to the Holocaust. I'd like to say more, but as they say, "It looks as though our time is about up"

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh Gary.....Of Course it's a Soap Opera...That why I like t! LOL!
Soap Opera saved my life starting at ninr years old when i practically hads my ear glued to The Radio...YES! The Radio! And the Soaps came to my rescue a couple of more times through the years....So I'm happy to be hooked on one of the Classiest Soaps to come down the TV Pike, in a long long time....!

Sorry Trish. I don't mean to use your blog as a Chat I wanted to read the comments and just couldn't help myself...Forgive me, my dear.