Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Did I spell incision correctly?

This is going to be very short (like me) because I have to run around today but I just wanted to post SOME RULES.

My surgery is the going to be the last week in August. Please do NOT send flowers. I will only sneeze and that is not a good thing when you have stitches. What you could do with the money you were going to spend on flowers or a card, is send that money to ...

The Virginia Avenue Project
3000 Olympic Blvd.
Santa Monica, Ca. 90404

My friends Dennis, Dierdre, Andy, Katy and of course Will, are going to be in charge when I'm in the hospital and Mr. Andrew Parks - actor, writer, singer, chef, gardner, regular man about town, will be taking over the blog to post updates. He claims he did NOT sleep with Robert DeNiro but he is a mysterious person and I just don't know...

I will write more later about my exploding toilet and all the fun things that make my life just slightly challenging.

And on a serious note I must mention this...Two hundred human beings were killed in Iraq today. TWO HUNDRED. These are people with families and mothers and uncles and baby sisters. I cannot help but think that that old hippie saying is correct...War is not the answer. How can it be?


secretknots said...

Awesome! Blogs from Truphen Newben himself!

Oh, and, uh, good luck with the surgery.

wdannevi said...

Sorry to hear about your cancer. Wielly only just now phoned me about it, and I haven't read far enough back in you blog to get the details other than it has something to do with plumbing...

As I am one of those Company Theatr Gezzers/Wrinklies, I too have experienced a plumbing medical emergency. Since leaving (restructured/sacked-take your pick) from Disney, I got job teaching digital post production at the Savannah School of Art & Design. So I have been living a bi-coastal life for the past five years: 7 months a year in Savannah and five at home in LA. Savannah is a beautiful coastal civil war era town in the low country of the Atlantic. Off the back porch of my condo on one of the outer islands, all you could see was a tidal creek and tress.

(Cut to the chase)
Last November I found myself in the local hospital Intensive Care Unit with a rupture appendix that I had gone septic shock while my kidneys shutting down. I spent two weeks in a morphine haze.

Towards the end of my stay I did become aware of my approaching mortality. I emerged after that experience with a new set of priorities as to what was important in my life: my family, old friends, and being of service. Career fell completely off the list.

SCAD helped life changes along when upon my return to teaching the administration told me that they didn't want me to work there anymore. I suspect the $197,000 medical bill had something to do with it. So now I am back in LA on a full time basis trying to come to terms with the fact that I am really retired,- whether I want to admit it or not.

If there is anything Nancy or I can do before or after your sugery, please let us know. That goes for old friends, Dennis, Dierdra, and Andy too. Please let us reconnect.

Bill and Nancy Dannevik