Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wait A Minute...Could You Please Repeat That

"You don't actually have one more chemo treatment. You have five more...Altogether. You see, a "treatment" is TWO chemos, then a week off. So after next Monday you will have had THREE treatments, which included six chemo sessions. I'm sorry I didn't explain it more clearly."

Oh, she explained it just fine and it was ME and my tiny brain that didn't really want to understand that two meant one and I was never good at math anyway. But it might not be as bad as all that because after next weeks chemo I am getting a scan and then she'll be able to see if maybe I just need a couple more or maybe just one more go around. But I must say that at the time I was finding this out I wanted to cry or tear my hair out but that would have been pointless so I shed a tiny tear and took a deep breath and punched myself in the head then I felt better. And we're dealing with the pain and I'm going in next week to find out what that's all about, which is good. I'm running out of spaces to put these pain patches though a pain patch blouse might be the thing. Maybe Stella McCartney could come up with a cool style. And did you see that Heather McCartney is getting something like fifty million dollars and she was only married to him for two years. Seems a bit much but maybe he was a jerk. This goes under the heading of information that should not be in my brain AT ALL.

And yes, the Lakers lost on Sunday and then I really didn't feel well so I'm hoping they win tomorrow night but Kobe has a bad back and can you imagine playing basketball with a bad back? You have to be young and have a great doctor in order to do that.

This is going to be short today because it is post chemo and I'm a bit tired and relaxed from my acupuncture so I can't actually think right now but my computer was right here and I picked it up and I just started writing without anything to say. I know there was something I was thinking of....................Tell you what, I'll get back to...tomorrow. Good thing I'm not driving.


leslie said...

It's me, Leslie, the Agawak friend, again. And I'm so bummed for you having to endure even more treatments. You're wonderful to keep on writing for those of us who care about you and are following your story, not to mention keeping us laughing. As before, I'm wishing you well and I'm thinking about you. Kisses.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

hey dear Trish....Sorry I haven't been here in a wjile...I'm glad to see you are into the Lap Top--This is good!
I'm not too good at math either but I am completely lost with the explaination about how many Chemo's you will still be having. I hope the scan is GREAT and then there will be less Chemo for you, my dear.
Hope they figure out the pain problem....! I know that is no fun, either!
I saw Kobe on some Sports News thing and he looked like he was in pain, too! Do you suppose he uses those patches, too?
Keeping you in my thoughts, my dear...And I send you (((((hugs)))))!