Sunday, September 2, 2007


Not much to report today, which can fall under the "no news is good news" category. I was at the hospital in the late a.m., until after 3:00, when Dennis Redfield came on, followed (as I understand it) by Willie in the evening.
Trish's regular doctor..... whose name I can't spell right now, but she's a wonderful woman! ... visited, and seemed pleased with T.'s progress.
Trish seemed in pretty good spirits, but the tedium of the hospital stay seems to be wearing on her a tad. At least the new room is sunny and bright, and has a more "spirit-lifting" ambiance.
She's starting to read a little (magazines and such) and was watching a little football on the t.v. today .... but she's still mostly sleeping, that being the most efficient way to pass the time; conversation still being a wearing activity. With the new couch in her room, I even joined her for a short nap.
Still, to briefly break the tedium, Trish and I have been playing our own version of the New Yorker's "caption-the-cartoon" game: I draw a cartoon which I try to draw in a totally "stream-of-consciousness" manner, having no idea for any possible caption, or even what my cartoon means. Then Trish comes up with the caption. She's pretty good. When she decides to add some pictures to this blog, maybe she'll put some up to demonstrate our handiwork.
Sooooooo.... all in all, it was a lazy Saturday. Which is good.
More tomorrow.


JS said...

Andy, Dennis, and Will! Thank you all for being such a great Trish team. I've driven by St. Johns numerous times in the last week and feel the pull to visit-then remember Trish's request and hold back. Knowing you all are there and being kept up to date by Andy is wonderful.
Please send a big gentle hug to Trish with sassy wishes of wellness and healing from June, Jessica, and Chloe!

Marguerite said...

hey trish - it's marguerite not too much to say except i keep you in my prayers, keeping up with your news via your great friends and sub-blogger.

news from the world has to include the garden party for melissa & scott today- so so so so hot; everyone was wilting

cubbies are still in the race. but that has to be good news no matter what. my NY Yanks fan husband still has heart in mouth wondering if his boys will at least make it in on a wild card.

xxxxx get better fast so we can see you or at least read more of your cheerful hilarious words

xxx marguerite

Marguerite said...

realized i should have added how happy everyone was for melis and scott!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Andy....If Trish would like to post some if the cartoons now....I could help you do that...I would need her stuff for Blogger....But I would be happy to do it...I post the cartoon.,..YOU Caption, after it is up...and continue this Oh So Helpful Blog Updating...!