Sunday, September 9, 2007

There's no place like home...

It's 1:45 a.m., Sunday, as I write this.... and there's a good chance that when you read this, Trish will be home. She's scheduled to go home today, but leaving the hospital always involves a lot of "hurry up and wait". Also, I'm superstitious about predicting things .... but let's hope she's home today.
Saturday, at the hospital, T. was disconnected from her feeding tube (it can be plugged in and out), and was truly free to maneuver for the first time in almost two weeks. When Katy and I arrived to bring her some non-hospital food, her friend Joyce Gass was there, and as we were leaving, Joyce was starting to give her a massage... it looked like heaven.
Anyway.... with any luck, this will be my last blog as Trish's "place-holder". ( Just as I was hitting my stride, too!) . The next "voice" you hear will be hers. I, for one, can't wait.


Dennis said...

Andy: You've been incredibly entertaining and informative with your stand-in blog. And if I ever have to spend any personal hospital time, I want you as my doctor, nurse, nutritionist, chaplain, personal cartoonist, and friend. You are the soul of what all those people should be.
Trish: I'm so glad you made it home. It's not fair, though, that you could go through that ordeal with such a sense of humor, even when just out of surgery, while the rest of us drudge on with our blunted wits. Wikipedia should define 'trooper' (or 'trouper) as: Trish Soodik. Rest well; remember--protein, protein, protein...and we have the olive for that (sometime in the future) thimble-sized martini. Dennis

JS said...

Ditto Andy..
Thank you for being there for both Trish and us as she went through this medical journey of immense proportions. Somehow on this bog it all seemed a bit lighter with your delightful sense of humor-I'm sure inspired by Trish's. And yes-you could actually make a profession of this I think-quite impressive blog stand-in kuddos to you.
Trish. yes to all Dennis says and know there are many like me out here wishing you well and sending our love to you..honoring your we drink our thimble martinis. XXXJune

susanm said...

bravo to andy
welcome home to trish
phew amd onward to all

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I agree with all those who posted before me! Welcome Home, Dear Trish, and Bravo Andy, and much thanks for keeping the blog fires burning...And wonderfully, I might add.
Oh I know you will be so happy to be sleeping in your own bed, dear Trish, with no one coming into the room at 4am to scrub the floor!
Rest Well, my dear.