Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sunday, Sunday...

Well, it looks like T. will be sprung on Sunday! I only visited her briefly today, but she was doing well.
Looking back, I see I forgot to mention that she had TWO abdominal tubes, one for supplementary feeding, and another that drained off blood from the surgery. Anyway, the drainage tube was taken out today. (This is a mysterious process that involves NO surgery... they just take the damn thing out ... I guess Trish just heals like one of those self-sealing tires).
She was experimenting with solid food today, and the choices from the hospital were less than inspiring, so she had me bring her some peanut butter and a banana (both on her "approved" list). I also brought her some broth from a chicken vegetable soup they sell at the Co-op grocery. All of that seemed to go down pretty well, though she will have to continue to monitor different foods and the amounts of them she ingests. Trish says she's going to be on the look-out for a good nutritionist when she gets home.
She will still have the plug-in IV (it automatically parcels out the liquid food supplement when she's connected to it) with her when she goes home, but that will only be temporary. When she's unplugged she'll be completely mobile. Apparently she can also take showers, but won't be able to do the swimming she loves until they remove the abdominal shunt.
So.... phase one, the most physically traumatic phase, of her ordeal is almost over.... Now she just has to heal and get stronger .... but nobody who knows her has any doubts about just how strong she already is.


JS said...

The day after tomorrow home sweet home! Now- a good nutritionist I'll have to put my thinking cap on....

All my love T,


susanm said...

try contacting josephe sciabbarrasi's office in santa monica --on s barington.
he has great folks working with him and will be a great resource for you, trish

much love

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Terrific updatye, filled with MUCH good news! I think Trish has done magnificently!
You too, Andy..with the very informative newsy and amusing words!