Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The news we never wanted ...

Andy Parks here again, with the news we all never wanted to hear. Trish Soodik died on Thursday, January 8, 2009, shortly before noon.
The cancer she had fought against so bravely had become overwhelming. However, she was her beautiful, spirited, and positive self to the very end.
She passed away with relatively little discomfort, surrounded by family and friends, with her loving son Will always at her side.
The family will gather for a private ceremony, and many of us want to have a memorial celebration of her life sometime in the future. Trish often expressed she didn't want a big fuss made over her ... but I don't think she'd mind if we did a little something in her honor.
And if you out there want to honor Trish, go forward, joyously, with your life. See it's delights. Laugh at it's ironies. Listen. Don't get bogged down in self-pity. And most of all, be a good and loving friend.

There will be more to say in the coming days, so the blog will be kept open for a while. In the meantime .... run out and find something to take delight in.


LESLIE said...

Thanks Andy. I heard through Agawak friends about Trish's death, and we are talking about a celebration of her life when we can all meet up in Chicago sometime in the coming months. Some of us read every word of every post, even if we didn't comment much. In that way we were able to keep in touch during the past year or so. Please keep this open so that others can contribute to an electronic celebration of her funny and upbeat spirit.

Leslie Klapman Breitner

gary said...

"I always thought I'd see you again..."

Andy: Thank you for keeping us all connected. Trish was indeed lucky to have you as a friend. Please let me know if/when there will be a memorial. Also, if there is anything I can do to help make that a reality, I would be honored to participate.

Thank you again.

Candice said...

The world just got a little less funny. Trish will be missed dearly. I feel blessed to have shared years of friendship with Trish in Chicago.My sincere prayer is that her family will be comforted by the warmth of love from all of us who knew and respected this woman. Trish,you are already missed.

Your friend, Candice Schuster (Candi Yeargin)

SouthernDaze said...

I never knew Trish. I only happened upon her blog about a year ago and instantly fell in love with her words and her wit. I've been following her blog ever since. I am deeply saddened to hear of her death and extend my sympathy to all of her family and friends. I feel very honored and priviledged to have had this opportunity to have "met" and come to know this extraordinary woman through her blog and her writing - if for only a brief time. The world just lost an incredible writer - one of the best I've ever read... Few writing has made me laugh and cry so hard - all at the same time. Her words were a gift to me...I'll never forget this woman I never met. Thanks for making my world a bit more fun this past year, Trish!

One of Trish's fans - Vicki

scotchneat said...

I also knew Trish only through this blog, and I'm not sure if I ever commented or not. I read because her illness didn't define her - her humour and warmth did.

Thanks for letting us know, and sympathies to all of her friends and family.

Rachel Hauck said...

I've been a lurker on this blog for some times. I'm in tears over her death. But she is no longer in pain. I'm glad to read her family and friends were with her when she passed.

My heart and prayers are with her family and friends.


Anonymous said...

Naomi emailed me about Trish's death and I posted it on my blog. I only know her through her blog and have commented often. I will miss her humor and wit. God rest her soul.

JS said...

Thanks Andy,

Well said. Trish didn't wallow, she observed, and overcame her physical obstacles allowing all to know her wild mind. Trish did "not go gentle into that good night." She did go surrounded love. Trish was godmother to my daughters. She will be missed.

Please let us know about the memorial,


Kari said...

I was so glad to read your lovey coments. I read the blog and became gravely concerned when I didn't see any new postings. I went to grade school, high school and camp with "poochie" She was the best. I would love her son's addess so I could send him a note . Thanks Jill

Anne said...

Please let us know if a memorial will be planned for Trish. Our memories of Trish and Will are lovely. We would like to share them. Anne and Bob Moloney, Newport Beach, CA

Linn said...

Trish's passing is truely a sadness for all of us who knew, read, and loved her. Her amazing strength, warmth and humor will be greatly missed and her gentle soul remembered always. My sincere condolences to all her friends and family.
Linn Keer Okkelberg

Sheehan said...

Thanks, Andy.

If anyone knows where Cedric, the hot dog guy, has his cart, I think he'd like to know how much Trish appreciated him.

Please keep me in the loop. I hope you and the Company gang are doing okay.

Love, michaelsheehan

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh Andy...this made me cry...What a BEAUTIFUL Tribute to dear dear Trish....You did her proud and at the same time passed on this terrible news to all who read and loved Trish....I know this is am awful loss to all who were so very very close to her for all those years since The Company Theatre...My heart goes out to all of you and to her dear dear Will...!

Carol Sachs Schaefer said...

How lucky we are, that her lively spirit lives on in all of us that shared what now seems like a brief moment of her life. What a lovely tribute these writings are to Trish. My hope is they bring comfort to her family.

justbeemish&me said...

See ya later, Trish. You have owned a very special little piece of my heart for many, many years.

Many Hat Cat said...

Trish was such a lovely soul... always so bright and encouraging. I'm deeply saddened to hear she's gone. I can picture her smile now. Who could forget it? So full of energy and intelligence.
rest well, honey

gotoner said...

There is no measuring what we have lost in Trish's passing...I first saw her on stage at the Company in '74...we became friends and colleagues...when we took her play, THIGHS, to NYC in 1979, it was just me and her against the world...Trish welcomed me into her homes in Santa Monica and Carpinteria on many of my later LA sojourns...they were my favorite places to stay...she saw me through the darkest days of my life, always supportive and always real...her spirit, sense of humor and zest for life were unequaled...I truly loved her, don't know anyone who knew her that didn't love her...I'll be at her memorial no matter what it takes...and I hope to see this blog in print in book form...it's pure Trish and some of the best and funniest writing ever...somebody please pick up this ball adn run with it!


Ralph & TC said...

This is Tom Carroll and I worked with Trish during my time in Santa Monica for the Virginia Avenue Project. I am monumentally sad at Trish's passing, but her spirit keeps encouraging me. For me, that will be part of her legacy.

I'm living in Chicago now, my home town. If there is a Chicago service, please let me know at floroll@gmail.com.


Ralph and TC said...

This is Tom Carroll and I worked with Trish during my time in Santa Monica for the Virginia Avenue Project. I am monumentally sad at Trish's passing, but her spirit keeps encouraging me. For me, that will be part of her legacy.

I'm living in Chicago now, my home town. If there is a Chicago service, please let me know at floroll@gmail.com.


symonmink said...
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Sandi said...

the blog was new to me, it was for someone in my far distant past.
grammar school, highschool and not since then. but, Trish/Patti Soodik
was special then and for anyone who ever knew her, knew of her was touched by her wit, talent, style,
grace, and just too cool for words.

not here long enough but at least awhile for all to know her and be touched by the special person she was.

Sandi Doane-DeLusque.

DaleCards said...

Dear Andy,

Thank you for telling us in your sweet, sensitive way. I feel so sorry and sad. I'm thinking of all of you, especially Willie.

Love, Barbara

Tracie said...

I don't even remember how I found this blog, but I've read every entry. I don't even feel like this can be true. I'm immeasurably saddened for the loss of Trish, and I just want to share how much she's meant to me, a random stranger, through her words. I hope at least in some minute way that brings some comfort to her family and friends. You are all in my thoughts.

John Brumfield said...

Hi Andy,

John Brumfield here. I was briefly a part of the Company Theater scene back in the late 70's. I remember you well and I'll never forget the party your mother, Betty threw for us after the close of that dreary play, "Lear" by Edward Bond. Trish got me involved in it and we became pretty close friends for awhile til I moved back East.
I am so saddened by this news. I don't think I've ever known anyone with quite the combination of qualities Trish had: funny, of course, but more than that resilient and with a deep well of sympathy inside for everyone buffetted about by those forces beyond our control -- which is to say just about all of us.
Last time I saw her was over 20 years ago (her son was still an infant or in early toddlerhood) but I've often thought about her and when I do, she always appears in my mind's eye with that winsome smile on her face. I think you know the one I mean.

Shauna said...


You ARE Alice now....you will always be the beautiful one that everyone is flirting with and someone else is in the bunny costume with sloppy joes running down the face and I miss you and I know you are happy...but I still feel a void, and I wish I could see right now through the tears...your writing and wit and everything about you will be missed...

You ARE Alice honey. You are anything you want to be now. I miss you.

Her blog DOES deserve to become a book. What an excellent idea!

Roberta J. said...
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Roberta J. said...

I knew Patti from the time we were 3 years old. She always seemed to have a glow around her and I can still see her, with her bright smile and blond hair flying. She was witty, and kind, and no one who knew her will ever forget her.

Roberta Johnson Leon

roberta said...

I have not seen Patti since high school but would check in here every once in a while. I live in Brooklyn now and met someone who knew her through his work, small world. He gave me the news. I am so sorry. I can still remember her voice from the old days.
My best to all of her family and friends,
Roberta Nelson

joanie said...

Trish/Patti/Poochie was such a light. I was lucky to have spent some time with her in highschool and at Agawak. At the Agawak reunion 1n 2003 we drove into town and bought moccasins. That is my last memory of her...laughing and incredibly special.

joanie berman siegel

LESLIE said...

I can't believe that it's almost a year since Pooch died. I think of her often as I'm sure many of you do. I hope to keep on thinking about her and the many wonderful things she did with her life.

Jeff Kohlberg said...

I had a crush on her in high school in Chicago and still today think of her. She was so beautiful and so popular. So sorry to hear this terrible news.

LESLIE said...

I’m now rereadng some of what people wrote here and wondering who’s around still who remembers Trish. Can we invoke some kind of memorial now that’s it’s almost 10 years since her death? Let me know what you think. Leslie.breitner@gmail.com