Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I was going to devote this blog to giving thanks but first I have to rant about Gay Talese. For those who do not know him, he is a writer. So I'm reading a magazine while getting my vitamins (which are working, by the way, Mr. Insurance Company genius who does not believe in vitamins!) and I came upon an article about the recently departed Norman Mailer. And Mr. Talese said, (something like), "Norman, like many great men, had his dark side. Men like Picasso, Hemingway and Sinatra. But Norman was a great man and loved to talk to regular people." And by "dark side" Mr. Talese was referring to the fact that he was abusive to women. HELLO............He STABBED his second wife! The second of six wives. And he had something like nine children and I'll bet he was as close to them as Rudy Guilliani is to his kids. Norman Mailer was an asshole, Mr. Talese. If he had murdered someone would you say he had a "dark side but he liked to talk to cab drivers"? He abused women and he stabbed one. And you're okay with that? Oh my gosh, I almost popped my IV.

And while we're talking about women, I was watching 3:10 To Yuma and there are all these guys with very interesting character faces and TWO BEAUTIFUL WOMEN with perfect makeup even though they are in the Wild West and it's dusty and all the guys are dirty. Where are the interesting dusty dirty girls? I am so sick of the beautiful quirky gal. But hey, it's a man's world which really makes me want to vote for Hilary even though I'm not crazy about her but say anything you want...She is not a man...Sort of...

But I love men and I am here to give thanks. First, I would like to thank Spike Lee for giving us really good movies. I think that guy is terrific.

Does that seem superficial? I mean I'm alive, I've had cancer...And Spike Lee is the most I can be thankful for?

No, James Taylor. He was playing when my son was born. He was playing when I met the man formerly known as my husband and he was playing when that same man left me for another woman. So I guess James Taylor is the soundtrack of my life. Shower With People. How profound is that?

Still too shallow?

Hey, I love trees and the ocean and my dog and I am so pissed off about what happened to me in the last year and I am putting way to much pressure on January first 2008 and I have absolutely no hope that anything good will ever happen to me again or that there will ever be peace on Earth and I am severely parched from the drought and I am sick of IVs and doctors and this was the lousy year to end all lousy years and I can't believe I can't eat cranberry sauce, which I love, because it has too much sugar in it and I ate another hot dog today because the guy's cart is right across from where I get my vitamin drip and I dislike a lot more people than I thought I did and I miss my stomach even though we always had a troubled relationship and getting back to the hot dog, it stayed with me this time.

So, in conclusion, I am very thankful for the hot dog man.

And life goes on and people perform their rituals like Thanksgiving and we truly are the lucky ones.

God bless Bangladesh.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...I SOOOO agree with you about Norman Mailer....And I will go further...He was an arrogant prick! Writes a WHOLE book about Marilyn Monroe, but NEVER MET HER!!!! guy Telese is a womanizer and of course he thinks Mailer is great, except for that little pesky 'dark side'....HELP!

Glad to read the Vitimins are working, my dear....And I hope you will have a benign Thanksgiving--I mean uneventful and nice...Go eat another Hot Dog, my dear Trish, and one for me, too! I send you much love.

JS said...

...cranberry sauce...without sugar!
I make it by just putting a bag of them in the blender with clementines or oranges and blend em up. The juice works. It's more of a relish-you could cook it, too if you want.

Glad to hear about vitamins...used to love the B-12 IV drips at my homeopathic MDs.

Johanna said...

i heard that Spike Lee is not so nice of a guy!
he hates women and jews and jewish women