Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Merde Happens

One book title that has always given me pause (or paws) is "When Bad Things Happen to Good People". Shouldn't the answer to that be found in three words...Because stuff happens. I hope the author of that book has airdropped thousands of copies over the entire continent of Africa because those people must be wondering why the hell they were born into so many dilemas. The book I would be much more interested in reading would be "When Good Things Happen to Bad People". What's the answer to that, Mr. Psychologist? How come so many horrible people seem to have such a damn good time? I would really like to read about that someday.

Here's a good reason not to live in China...They just executed the head of the Food and Drug Safety Agency. He took bribes. And he approved six medicines that turned out to be fake. He's the one responsible for the deaths of all those animals because of dog food contaminated with fire retardant. Also, in Panama people died because they took medicine he approved where one of the ingrediants was brake fluid. Okay, this guy was a bad dude. But I found it interesting that they executed him in a mobile execution van. Lethal injection. I'm always fascinated by smart people who put all their time and effort into figuring out things like a mobile execution van. Someone designed it. Someone picked out the poison they were going to use. What color paint to use on the van. Should the mattress be soft or hard. What a strange use of one's brain. I'll bet Alberto Gonzolez is glad he doesn't live in China.

A guy named Josef Hoffman Meredith died today in Burbank. His parent's names were Conde Thompson Mosley and Cheerio Meredith. Could not tell if Cheerio was the dad or the mom. He performed on the high aerial trapeze with the Flying Alexanders. Much of his life revolved around his car. I found that last part to be disturbing but I think if you have a parent named Cheerio, all bets are off.

Also, a guy named Moe Disesso died. He was a Hollywood animal trainer. His obit picture shows him with two rats on his shoulder. They couldn't have found a picture of him with a dog? Or a deer? Two rats on your shoulder does not seem like a good final portrait to me. They said he died in his sleep. I'll bet one of those suckers bit him. Guess he must have worked on those rat movies Willard and Ben. I had a friend whose father's name was Willard and he had the poster from the movie hanging in his room. The tag line was..."Where your nightmares end, Willard begins" He did not have a good relationship with his father.

So tomorrow is my second chemo day and I am ready and thanks to a friend I've got a Nichols and May CD all booted up and ready to play. Oh yes, I am going to laugh my way through if it kills me. Probably not the right phrase to use but except for my outfit I am ready. And here's where I go crazy...Should I wear the same thing as last time for good luck? Or should I change it up a bit, wear, oh I don't know, something with a little color? Maybe just red shoes would do the trick? Man, this is hard. Hardest thing I've ever done, choosing an outfit for chemotherapy. I think I'd better figure it out tonight, though, so I can sleep soundly. Hey maybe there's a book in, "When Pointless Things Happen to Neurotic People."


secretknots said...

I hope it went well.

Dennis said...

Remember the Traveling Executioner with Stacey Keach? Hope you're feeling okay today.

Jack Ezel said...

Cheerio Meredith was a woman- she played Emma Watson on the Andy Griffith Show.